Review Stage 2: Synthesis and Assessment Country report

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Party: US      Submission year: 2017

The aim of this test is to identify differences between national totals submitted by Parties in 2017 and the latest available national totals submitted in previous reporting years (100*[(X2017–Xprev)/Xprev]).

Differences larger than 10% are flagged with red background color.

A minus value indicates that the latest available emission submitted in previous years is higher.

A blank cell indicates that data in the present reporting year or in the previous reporting years is missing. If there are only notation keys in the present reporting year and the previous years the cell is also blank.

0% means that data in the present reporting year and in the latest available previous reporting year is equal.

If there is a number and a notation key reported, the difference is the number


2012-99.90%-99.90%-99.87%-99.90%-99.90%-99.89%  -99.90%             
2013-99.90%-99.90%-99.87%-99.90%-99.89%-99.89%  -99.90%