Review Stage 2: Synthesis and Assessment Country report


Party: BY

Submission year: 2011

The aim of this test is to identify instances of dips, jumps, and sudden trends in time series data reported by countries.  Only data in NFR02 and NFR09 reporting format were analyzed, and data for which at least three years were reported. We converted all years where only NFR02 sectors are available to NFR09 and show only the converted sectors in the time series analysis.

The table below shows data, where outliers in the time series were identified based on the following methodology:
Reported time series data were log 10-transformed prior to analysis to reduce intra-series variability and improve general time series linearity. A linear regression was subsequently applied to the log-transformed values for each time series.

An individual value within the time series was identified as a dip/jump if the respective residual value (regression forecast value - reported value) was greater than 2 standard deviations from the mean of all residuals within the time series. Only time series where the flagged data value contributed a significant fraction (>3%) of the national total for the given year are included in this dataset for expert review.

Time series where sigma grow largely (i.e. larger than 20% of the time series mean value) because of extreme variation in the emission data are also flagged. Zero values indicate small numbers rounded to zero.


The test was performed for the following time series (if data was available):

Main pollutants:

1990 – 2009

HMs and POPs:

1990 – 2009


2000 – 2009


Color Key


 Indicates a dip in the time series data


 Indicates a jump in the time series data


 Indicates time series data with large sigma

MAIN (Unit = Mg)
NOx1A2a               12044 523842
SOx1A2a               8863 4180
SOx1A4cii           72336206574545543739394035
SOxNATIONALTOTAL637000652000458000382000324000275000246300208500190000163700 1507231427191311969547276979914599732081312155005
NH34B13166656160931152760145202138358131037125196122185118813113168 1073481025179171890767100080    
CO1A2a               31596 321622

PM (Unit = Mg)
TSP2C5e  46554709421841484157346

HM (Unit = g)
Pb1A1a13682318139872209571032737136965883405494442     244200021847161897850178514314860001704000278700024010007276000
Pb1A2a               5421000528500010670001136000854000
Pb1A3bi734382000451391000387408000323558000302008000109946000     119500010693851032376183288421500002323000553000590000605000
Pb2C5e98840441038492610350219894686883265816904717     133600001333351014026702159125541702400018803000 5200053000
Pb6Cb     35000     41000003830272715101536571410002221000203000307000259000
Cd1A1a556950570070388400301330270640226970     1180001082721000229615388000100000229000187000506000
Cd1A2fi906628953653870028728195571307479590     680000829745936801100880511140001241000139100015340001574000
Cd1A4cii124258886582395306277656471     16000200006666573760007000600070006000
Cd2C1                 794000881000810000
Cd2C5e373835402737396312341151294635249016     533000530215561037634606686000761000   
Cd6Cb     3000     3510003279981041391265612000190000170002600022000
CdNATIONALTOTAL2114401221934419674191656996130812611060381200000125000014500001420000 178000018976061792307184430520700002488000258300027510003024000
Hg1A1a558332567969398969309771277237232064     15700013497611752310647362000690003800047000128000
Hg1A2a               3100033000100010001000
Hg1A2fi469095489426432600360828291205246889     326000396476446477490617529000590000676000740000761000
HgNATIONALTOTAL10744701101821879477721448601528510870297000310000392000380000 522000565299603438632103649000716000741000814000914000